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The project wanted to preserve the original landscape elements of the residence, especially the rich vegetation resources in the rear garden, as they not only create a secluded atmosphere of a tree-lined backyard, but also echo the materials of the modern decor in the residence.

The pavilion is built with a square structure suspended in the natural slope to mitigate the impact on the adjacent trees and to protect the existing vegetation. The exterior of the gazebo is clad in brown material that blends with the surrounding vegetation while visually integrating into the courtyard context. 

In the nature gazebo, the proposed hideaway cabin not only protects but also respects the beauty of nature, providing the homeowner with the opportunity to establish a deeper connection to the environment. The well-known relationship between nature "out there" and life "in there" is now reversed. The new Hideaway Lodge reminds us that all forms of life breathe and come from our care.