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C A S A    S Y M B I O S I S 

The project is a symbiosis house for retired seniors who are ready to start a new life, in order to create an attractive communal space, the courtyard is the highlight of the design. It is a place to feel the coexistence of people and nature and the passage of daily life over time.

The patio represents the highlight of the design. It requires two people to sit together in the courtyard to communicate in order to light up the patio, bringing life and vitality to the space.  A corridor connects the linear areas along the extended base: the 'personal space at night' for dwelling and the 'public space for daytime usage' for public use.

The home reflects the social context and reflects current beliefs, habits, and lifestyles. It is likewise created in the style of a traditional Japanese family apartment. The clients desired a versatile living space supporting their numerous interests, such as entertaining guests and gathering at home.